Keynote Speaker

Robert Stein

Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer, American Alliance of Museums

Robert Stein is a museum leader, technology expert, and strategist with deep experience in the museum field heading up innovative projects and diverse teams. In April 2016, Rob joined the American Alliance of Museums as the Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer to lead the organization’s programming efforts in service to both national and global audiences. In that role, Stein is responsible for key strategic initiatives including the expansion of the Alliance’s role as a thought leader, content provider, and global catalyst for excellence in the field of museums.

Rob is a sought after author, speaker, and consultant, focusing on the impact museums can have in their community, how technology efforts can change the dynamic of museum innovation, and how metrics and measurement can drive continuous improvement for the practice of museums.

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Signature Session

Mariana Mogilevich & Valeria Mogilevich

A discussion on the Great Falls Great Food Great Stories project at Paterson Great Falls National Park.

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