VEX Ambassadors are a select group of professionals who share enthusiasm for the visitor experience and are committed to establishing and promoting best practices for the arts and culture field.  Ambassadors act as conduits for furthering the mission and goals of the Visitor Experience Group, helping promote attendance and participation at the annual VEX Conference, and creating and/or nurturing an active visitor experience network in their Region.

Join our team and work with visitor experience leaders in your field. Responsibilities of an Ambassador include:

  • 2-year volunteer commitment
  • Host 2-3 regional VEX events annually
  • Promote VEX and your regional events via social
  • Promote attendance and participation at the annual VEX Conference
  • Attend and lead a group activity, or introduce a session during the VEX Conference
VEX Ambassadors enjoy these and other benefits:
  • Access to a global network of industry leaders
  • Be among the first to learn about VEX trends
  • Free registration to the main conference and welcome event
  • A one-time special gift from VEX
  • Additional professional development opportunities when available
  • Plus the assurance that your support makes VEX possible

Please complete the form below. Completion of this form does not guarantee admission into the program. Once the form has been submitted, please allow 2-4 weeks for a response.

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